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Andreas Riess, 2017


1 mm Stainless Steel, total length with hook 75 mm


Timeless beautiful minimalist design interweaving archaic forms, expressing the notion of two realms - though opposing - nevertheless interacting and sharing space.


Product Number: 70101



The Idea Behind the Design


This is about differences having something in common. Differences are to be found everywhere. There are many roads to travel, attitudes to take. Different methodes to achieve something. Different designs in what we create. And then there are differences in race, believes, experiences made.

Different genes make flora and fauna a whole universe of different individuals struggling to keep their place on earth. And here's the catch: All share the same space. You make something out of that.


Andreas Riess




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The ear charms series "FORESTAY" by Andreas Riess comprises unique pieces that are bent by hand from 1 millimeter stainless steel filaments of a Vindö sailing yacht's retired forestay having travelled the southern Baltic for many years. The filaments come off the forestay in a typical twisted shape. This deformation stays in the wire to a little degree, thus in a subtle manner telling of its origion.











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